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Manhood Plan Outline

The Manhood plan is divided into 5 different steps.  Each of the 5 steps have a series of questions designed to drill into specific arass of your life.  They are designed to help you focus on your walk with Christ and become the Godly Man you were designed to be.  ​Few men take time out of their busy schedules long enough to think about their unique purpose in God's overall plan.  Sometimes it is necessary to punch the pause button, to slow down and understand where we are in our life's timeline.  The bible is clear in Psalms 139: 13-16 when it states each person is uniquely created by God.  This plan will help you gain insight into your life's path so you can serve His purpose in your lifetime.      

The 5 steps in developing your Manhood Plan are:

  • Step One - Awakening, Discovering Who I Am

  • Step Two - Awareness, Where Am I

  • Step Three - Pivot / Changes, Turning My Life Around to Become a Godly Man

  • Step Four - Accountability, Building Your Circle of Men

  • Step Five - Legacy, How Do You Want to be Remembered

As you work through your plan, when you reach those tough spots and you think all is lost, just remember King David!  He was said to be a man after God's own Heart!  With all of his imperfections God still used him to accomplish great things and He can do the same through you! 

We hope this plan is helpful in building a life as a Godly Man!  A life you are proud of and one that glorifies God.  Take your time and set aside some specific times to review and update your plan each week.  If you reach a point that is difficult and you have a hard time answering the questions. stop and pray!   Moving to the next section trying to get ahead or race to the finish will not work.  Take the time to listen to what God is telling you.  Rushing through your Manhood Plan will be worthless and a waste of time.  Your Manhood Plan will be filled with half truths that paint a very unclear picture of the man you are and the Godly man you were designed to be.  So sit back, pray for guidance and let your journey began!

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